Yarrow Essential Oil

A powerful tonic substance, Yarrow Essential Oil is used primarily for medicinal purposes. That said, Yarrow isn’t above some fun either, its juice is often mixed into alcoholic drinks to give them a potent flavor.

The deeply sweet, spicy aroma of Yarrow essential oil comes for the cream-colored flower tops of this fine, feathered-leaf plant. Originating from Europe, essential oil from the Yarrow plant is usually achieved through steam distillation. The oil itself is a deep indigo, and has been used for centuries for its astringent powers and anti-inflammatory abilities.

Like many medicinal plants, Yarrow can soothe and alleviate a variety of health issues. The plant’s essential oil is often used in antiseptic creams, and does a great job of protecting wounds and abrasions from bacteria and viruses. Yarrow can also help to relax the nerves, and even have an antispasmodic effect on the nervous system, digestive system and respiratory tracts.

Yarrow essential oil has cicatrisant properties, which means that it can help to erase acne scars and discoloration of the skin. Since it also enhances perspiration, its use will also result in the removal of toxins and excess salt from the body.