Our Promise

Nairian has grown from the maxim that health and beauty are completely and innately linked. By taking the best in nature, and molding it with tools of science, we bring you all-natural cosmetics that celebrate both beauty and health.

Our ethos is simple; it involves a total respect for your body, nature, and all little things that grow. With each of our products, we deliver a handcrafted recipe made from all-natural and plant-based ingredients, always entirely free of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances or dyes.

Beyond all-natural premium cosmetics, we also maintain a high standard of integrity in our process. Nairian is committed to the land we farm, and the rural communities that enable our production. We have designed our process to emit a minimum carbon footprint, and made community-building, and support for the local economy, cornerstones of our modus operandi.

By choosing Nairian, you are investing in more than a natural means to look and feel beautifulyou are investing in a set of values, a community, and a profound commitment to health.

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