Our Facilities

Nairian lives thanks to a team of early risers. Our day begins among the flowering fields of Armenia’s highlands, where we grow the majority of our ingredients. 

It’s true that beauty comes from within. At Nairian, we control the quality of our ingredients by growing the greater part of them on our sustainable and pesticide-free farm. What we cannot produce ourselves, we source from local growers. In fact, 70% of our ingredients are gathered from within a 100km radius of our facilities.

Our ingredients are of the highest quality because they grow in the Highlands of Armenia, which-thanks to their altitude, clean environment, and abundance of sunlight-yield aromatic, medicinal plants that are rich with vitamins and healing essential oils. All Nairian products include essential oils that are derived from our harvest, and distilled within our facilities at Aragyugh, a village in Armenia’s Kotayk region

Whether it’s our farm in the countryside, scientific lab, or chic showrooms located throughout downtown Yerevan, all of Nairian’s facilities operate on the same values of respecting nature while promoting health and well-being.

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