Our Founding

Just like the tiny seedling that grows into a magnificent oak tree, everything great starts out being small.

The idea for Nairian came to Anahit and Ara Markosian a physicist and mathematician respectively, during a family road trip through the mountains of Armenia, their former home.

Riding along in a clunky Lada, the couple was struck by the potential of Armenia’s incredible, and heretofore untapped flora. As they zipped by fields of blossoming white yarrow and golden helichrysum, the Markosians tossed about ideas of essential oil distillation and sustainable farming in Armenia—first jokingly, then with a greater degree of seriousness.

Once the Markosians were back in their California home, they continued to ponder the possibilities. After much consideration, Ara and Anahit decided to take a leap of faith and give up their comfortable Silicon Valley jobs for a lifetime venture. They moved across the globe, assembled a team of researchers and horticulturists, and set to work creating Nairian: the very first all-natural cosmetics company based in Armenia.

While the move seemed random to many at the time, it was actually the fulfillment of a life-long dream. When Anahit was a little girl, she would save up her lunch money to buy botanical postcards that were very rare in Soviet Armenia. She still has them, safely kept in an album of pink velvet, and admits that this little collection was the beginning of her passion for gardening and nature. Indeed, her whole life Anahit felt drawn to herbal remedies (like those passed down in the Armenian tradition) and natural products.

Ara had also always appreciated the benefits of all-natural goods, but was more intrigued by the impact which a project like Nairian could make for Armenia’s rural communities, as well as research in certain branches of natural science that were new to Armenia. For years Ara had brought his startups to Yerevan, supporting the country’s emerging tech industry. Nairian, therefore, would be his next innovative way of giving back to the home that he left during the early nineties.

In the beginning the going was … rough; the first Nairian lab was just two small rooms in a semi-abandoned Soviet era factory, and it took years to find the perfect land for Nairian’s farm. Even during those early days, however, both Ara and Anahit felt that this new endeavor was to be a riveting adventure and poignant homecoming, all in one. Today, complete with a factory, farm and two showrooms in the heart of Yerevan, this seedling endeavor has flourished beyond all expectations.

Nairian was founded on the firm belief that one should never have to sacrifice health for beauty. This conviction is at the core of everything we do, and it drives us every day as we work to bring you premium natural cosmetics, made with your beauty in mind and health at heart.

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